The time for passive silence is over. We need a (r)evolution – not a violent destruction of people, property or social systems but a return to our fundamental nature. A spiritual revolution is already in process for those of us who have the courage to accept our essential state of simplicity and wholeness, to heed the Truth of our interconnection and to dedicate our lives to being awake to our intrinsic Oneness. This revolution isn’t a future scenario. It’s a state of present awareness if we’re willing to be essential.

The spiritual revolution before us and within us is the return to loving ourselves and all those with whom we share the planet.

This revolution is a return to the feeling of WE.

Spirit of WE would be a platform for all people, processes and events that support the planetary coming together.

This would include some or all of the following sections:

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Spirit of WE is a blueprint for how to step onto that new path, starting now. This platform is a spiritual appeal to look together at the challenges we face and understand how each one of us can make meaningful changes for the benefit of all.

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International Organization

Founder: Stèphano Sabetti

Representative (D):
Joachim Armbruster

Tel +49 171 3847046

Spirit of WE

  • Akademie Heiligenfeld
    Kongress 2017
    May 18–21 2017
    Altenbergweg 6,
    97688 Bad Kissingen
  • Heartfulness Training
    Munich, Oct. 8–9 2016
    Stockholm, Oct. 21–23 2016
    Copenhagen, Oct. 29-30 2016
    Ploen, May 13-14 2017
    and more…

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News & Events

Friends & Links

  • Spirit-of-WE-Infoflyer
    download here

  • WE – Toward a Conscious Global Community
    by Stèphano Sabetti

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WE Training - The Bridge WE Event - Soulmates

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