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Spirit of WE
Oneness That Unites Us

In the sea of Oneness all personal, societal and planetary changes emerge from and are integrated by spiritual consciousness – the source of all peace and heartfulness. We need to bring deep solutions — spiritual answers — to our most entrenched worldly problems.

Spirit of WE is a blueprint for how to step onto that new path, starting now. This platform is a spiritual appeal to look together at the challenges we face and understand how each one of us can make meaningful changes for the benefit of all.

We can no longer afford to pretend someone else will have the solution, but there is a real, achievable way to move humanity onto a new, better and more sustainable path. We hope someone else is working on the solutions. This platform is an invitation to all of us to step up and be that someone.

(Stèphano Sabetti – founder of Spirit of WE from his book WE: Toward a Conscious Global Community Life Energy Media 2015)

What is Spirit of WE?

It's a platform for all people, processes and events that support the planetary coming together.

Spirit of WE is a field of caring and appreciation for everyone and everything. It’s a living experience of heartfulness and largesse.

What follows quite naturally becomes a field of generosity. We readily share our resources, our hearts and our caring with others.

Spirit of WE requires us to be willing to surrender our images while continuing to reflect and inquire into the nature of Self and essential reality. We’re developing a global community of the conscious WE.

There are numerous people and projects that are making a difference in our world.

The Spirit of WE platform would familiarize people with these activities.
Among them include:

  • acts of altruism
  • the practice of charity
  • the commitment to philanthropy
  • volunteerism
  • peace initiatives
  • increase in positive new media
  • use of integrated health care (including alternative medicine)
  • healthy food trends
  • use of meditation and
  • climate improvements.

Who are WE?

For many years some of us have been collectively engaged in the process developing a spiritual community as a way of going beyond our own personal development.

Now it felt right to explore a way of bringing the consciousness of Oneness to a larger group of people as well as include a new element of spiritual activism in our work together.

From this emerged the feeling of supporting a multi-cultural virtual community which could bring our sense of lifestyle and spiritual understanding to a new group of interested people.

We’re exploring further possibilities of non-profit status in the U.S. and Asia. We’re looking into the possibility of crowd funding or on-line donations in the U.S. and in Germany for starters.

Our representatives are pleased to meet you:









United States:

Stèphano Sabetti

Joachim Armbruster
Jens Lykkebo
Kirsten Steensberg
Joachim Armbruster
(to be added)
Brigitte Schuler
Matt Sabetti

What is our basis? Our basis is a non-denominational spirituality with Oneness at its focus.

We feel that societal change needs to be founded in personal change.

We need to live the change we're advocating. To do this we need to uncover who is the person who seeks change. Spirit of WE invites us to surrender our images while continuing to reflect and inquire into the nature of our essential nature and essential reality. When the change we seek is an extension of our own development it's more effective and feels "closer to home".

We aim to be inclusive.

We'd like to include as many other people and sites as possible so one local community becomes an interface for many communities doing similar work. We want to help everyone possible to find some meaningful work to support their lives and potentially connect with their spiritual mandate – the reason they're here on the planet. Everyone can be helpful.

In short, there is a place for everyone.

How can we be helpful to help shape our world?

Become a Personal or an Organizational Earth Steward

What we need now is to be centered and fully aware of today’s questions, and initiate and support every activity that is whole and helpful, from recycling and ecology education to preserving biodiversity. We also need to help all of us understand the relationships between today’s issues and larger spiritual and societal understandings. The best way to create and support the emergence of a new society is our willingness to envision a positive change and live that change in everything we do.

Some concrete things we can do (see the WE book):

  • Be essential
  • Live with contramics
  • Examine our greed
  • Rehabilitate instead of punish
  • Create a world betterment group
  • End slavery
  • Redistribute wealth
  • Learn to live with life's harmonies and resonances
  • Support the possible
  • Use hidden resources
  • Be a pioneer

What would be included?

The Spirit of WE platform provide examples of everyday people making a change and quotes that uplift the spirit in some or all of the following sections:

WE Future, WE Work, Spirituality of WE, WE Education, WE Ecology and more.

What are our first objectives?

  • Build a worldwide community of supporting change and taking care of humanity's heritage.
  • Identify and invite Personal and Organizational Earth Stewards to become active members of the community.
  • Support these stewards to start their first projects or to run their current projects more successfully.

What are our mid-term objectives?

  • WE Connected – an international and interactive WE platform connecting Spirit of WE
  • WE Conferring – an international WE conference representing the community of WE
  • WE Training – a training and coaching program supporting the conscious WE

What are our first steps?

  • Set up the organization for-non-profit with all it's prerequisites and channels. –
  • Collect enough seed money for the set up and start the first projects.
  • Find personal and organizational earth stewards in different countries.
  • Advertise Spirit of WE in Europe, US and Asia (first).
  • Build a worldwide network of 50-100 members (persons/projects/organizations).
  • Attract new spirit from all kind of nations/cultures.
  • Initiate a regular sponsorship within the members.
  • Start local initiatives supporting people "coming home".

How do we finance Spirit of WE?

Spirit of WE is a non-profit organization and financing itself by

  • fundraising (US/Germany)
  • membership (personal/organizational earth steward)
  • donation.


For membership and donation please have a look at Contribute.




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