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a lot of us don’t seem to understand that our shared Earth is in trouble.

In the sea of Oneness all personal, societal and planetary changes emerge from and are integrated by spiritual consciousness — the Source of all peace and heartfulness. We need to bring deep solutions — spiritual answers — to our most entrenched problems.

Spirit of WE is a blueprint for how to step onto that new path, starting now. This platform is a spiritual appeal to look together at the challenges we face and understand how each one of us can make meaningful changes for the benefit of all.

We can no longer afford to pretend someone else will have the solution, but there is a real, achievable way to move humanity onto a new, better and more sustainable path. We hope someone else is working on the solutions. This platform is an invitation to all of us to step up and be that someone.

Stèphano Sabetti

World problems as ego issues

Going about our daily lives, we may hold momentary awareness of the appalling state of the world but inevitably we slide back into denial about the urgent problems that face humankind. Yet, the problems we see in the world are not outside us. We are the difficulty and the solution. Everything intrinsically depends on everything else. Nothing exists independently. When we open to this understanding, the illusions of “me” and “mine” dissolve away. There is only WE and ours. The longing for connection and unity manifests in every person. So what gets in the way? In psychological terms, it would be called the “narcissistic ego” or selfish I — a mindset that drives us to separate ourselves from others by placing the “I” at the center.

When we say we are the problem this isn’t to criticize ourselves, but to gently confront the person in us who supports world suffering. This insentient person cuts off heart-to-heart contact with everyone else in the world. It’s this separation that fuels abuse — maltreatment of ourselves and all others who are bound in a network of neglect and disrespect. In effect, the narcissistic ego creates the opposite of the spiritual experience of Oneness. The ego gets in the way by asserting “me” or “mine,” and conscious awareness of unity is lost.

Humanity perpetuates a path of complexity and abandons the path of simplicity that would allow us to live authentically. As a result we exist, but don’t live with honesty. The splitting in ourselves between what is true and authentic and what is artificial and imposed by society is the basis of personal violence and eventually causes us to become self-destructive. Perhaps it’s our unconscious way of trying to annihilate what is false and artificial. A major part of our sorrow comes from the tendency to orient our lives around misfortunes rather than concentrating on our happiness. We can change that orientation through Spirit of WE platform.

Why don’t we get it?

Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t seem to understand that our shared Earth is in trouble. There are a multitude of reasons. In the first place, many of us think we aren’t the ones who don’t get it. It’s always someone else, the projected “other,” who seems to be the culprit. Maybe we see some of the problems and realize that the issues are really complex; it seems tedious to try to understand how everything fits together. Sometimes we create our own suffering through self-sabotage or because we’re actually afraid of wholeness (holophobia). Are we frightened by peace?

Consider our tendency to self-sabotage — quitting a project just as it’s about to succeed, or starting an affair just when a relationship is getting serious. It’s as if we resist becoming whole. Or perhaps we fear it. A fear of wholeness, holophobia, is behind our tendency to act unwisely even when we know it will create suffering. We choose immediate gratification and conveniently ignore what we know will be dire, long-term consequences.

Why don’t we hear more about wonderful acts of kindness and goodness that humans are doing around the globe every day?

The media doesn’t report on this kind of good news except when there’s a big drama, such as when miners are saved or a lost child is found. The 24-hour news cycle needs constant tragedy, and news organizations generate viewers (and therefore revenue) through feeding our worry and fear. Breaking news is generally news about what’s breaking or already broken!

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