Spirit of WE

Spirit of WE is a field of caring and appreciation for everyone and everything. It’s a living experience of heartfulness and largesse. What follows quite naturally from this field of being is generosity. We readily share our resources, our hearts and our caring with others. Spirit of WE requires us to be willing to surrender our images while continuing to reflect and inquire into the nature of Self and essential reality. We’re developing a global community of the conscious WE.

Spirit of WE is a field of consciousness in a sense of community that emphasizes the unity of life in communion with everyone in the world. It begins when we cast off the illusions of the ego and our attachment to its vehicles of expression. In the place of an ego-oriented society is one of comprehensive caring.

As a community of WE, we’re aware that in our coming together we are acting from consciousness of our interdependence. What we’re not doing is creating dependence.

We can’t solve world problem in isolation. It requires cooperation across nations, ideologies, languages, economies and disciplines. All our problems are interconnected, and so all our solutions must be, too. Therefore, our activities to solve problems must be cooperative.

Cooperation is the key to sustainable harmony. The more people who are invested in the same global objectives the more cooperation will develop and the greater the chances of spreading peace.

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