The Hope

Buried within every problem is the solution, but we have to coax it out of the isolated mind wallowing in illusion, or draw it out of the frozen heart that is afraid to feel empathy.

While the selfish I creates most of the problems we humans grapple with, there is another side to human nature: the service I. This includes our capacity for philanthropy, altruism and spontaneous acts of courage and selflessness — the humane parts of humanity. The service I organizes our personalities into an integrated whole and maintains an identity with the outside world. It shows concern to others and helps us survive in dangerous situations and on a daily basis in an often hostile world.

There are numerous people and projects that are making a difference in our world. The Spirit of WE platform would familiarize people with these activities. Among them include acts of altruism, the practice of charity, the commitment to philanthropy, volunteerism, peace initiatives, increase in positive new media, the use of integrated health care (including alternative medicine), healthy food trends, use of meditation, and climate improvements.

There are a lot of generous and caring people who want to help alleviate the suffering in the world. We can also appreciate the growing interest humans are taking in health, peace and simplicity. We may not yet see a massive transformation of consciousness, but these are important small steps toward
becoming a conscious, global community of WE.

But how?

In short, we must make a radical shift in our own consciousness so that we can help the whole planet and everyone on it. This radical shift calls for an authentic experience of unity and wholeness in everything — even those things that seem separate, unfair and dis-eased. Through this experience, we will be able to find commonality and create harmony where there is strife; cultivate tolerance where there is narrow-mindedness; and develop generosity where there is selfishness. WE is about doing our own spiritual and psychological work so that we can become effective agents of change.

We need to be aware of how we participate in the problems of the world so we can make informed choices about how we live our lives, taking into account the interconnection of all life. Meaningful systems change happens when more enlightened people are doing more enlightened things. It’s up to each one of us to become more conscious through our own spiritual work. This may be the only way humanity will move onto a new path of justice, kindness and sustainability.

Even the most sincere and gifted social activists who work in the trenches trying to effect social change end up feeling like their efforts are merely drops in the sea. Burnout is a huge problem. The problem isn’t good intention; it’s that no one can do it alone. Clearly, our present predicament requires more than clever answers to external problems. We can no longer beat around the bush with stopgap measures like burying toxic waste rather than stopping the manufacturing that produces it. We need holistic solutions.

Holistic solutions mean we’re not on a path of self-destruction, but of healing. Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where we come together as a conscious community and face our present and future challenges with a spirit of opportunity and solidarity — as a conscious, global community of WE. Perhaps this is humanity’s greatest lesson: alone, we probably won’t survive the coming storm. But together, we have the power to create a world of unity and peace.

Consider a world where everyone is safe, secure and at peace; imagine the environment is healthy and stable. What is that new feeling that moves through you? Do you sense how everything in you relaxes? All of us can experience more of this state if we pool our consciousness and together create the world we want.

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