When we fundamentally understand that we are all interconnected, the roots of our problems will simply cease. The issue is to understand the WE of these problems — how we are interconnected — so we can become agents of the solution.  We can replace feelings of guilt and hopelessness with determination.

Once we increase our awareness of the intrinsic connection between all of us, we realize that these issues that seem only to affect some of us really affect all of us. Creating real change requires us to overcome denial and focus on what’s really going on in our interconnected world.

We can’t separate ourselves from the world and its problems; our problems are also the world’s problems. Everything is interconnected. We’re all living on the same planet and we’re collectively affected by all the pollution and global warming, by world trade imbalances and corporate greed.

Having a sense of self as separate rather than intrinsically interconnected inevitably leads to problems like inequality and greed.

Consider: on the level of essential reality, the Oneness, it becomes impossible to turn a deaf ear to suffering when one awakens to consciousness.

Spirit of WE platform would provide links to similar based groups e.g., peace groups, meditation groups, ecological groups etc. Any group that is doing good in the world and helping others.




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