Right now there is enough food, energy, water and resources to take care of everyone on the planet, but because of greed and power these things are not being distributed fairly. To paraphrase evangelist Frank Buchman: There’s enough in the world for our needs, but not for our greed. We can change that simply by changing our understanding and becoming a conscious community of WE. It starts in each one of us and ripples out. We can each start it right now!

Many of us have sought the great teacher and wise person who can show us the way to Truth. We are surrounded by teachers who, just by being in the world, demonstrate teachings.

For instance, the natural world of animals and plants teach us about spontaneous movement, interconnection (just consider the roots of trees!) and the inevitability of change. Leaves composting on the forest floor, or mushrooms that spring up on dead logs, teach us about life and death, and the interdependence/interconnection of matter and energy.

Even our most dire challenges, such as global climate change, can lead us to new appreciation of nature and more sustainable lifestyles for the future. Free of seeking or goal-focused minds, we can observe, in tranquility, the lessons all around us.




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