Gathering all the expressive arts that explore and display the pleasure and challenge of being and living together. We need these artists of all types to challenge us with their insightful interpretation of the modern world. We need them to help us to grasp the ever-changing virtual reality of what we call the world by going within ourselves and express the primeval urges to a radically different reality and whole life based on fairness and equality.

The time for passive silence is over.  We need a (r)evolution! Revolution means “a turning around.” The revolution we need is not a violent destruction of people, property or social systems; it’s a return to our fundamental nature. A spiritual revolution is already in process for those of us who have the courage to accept our essential state of simplicity and wholeness, to heed the Truth of our interconnection and to dedicate our lives to being awake to our intrinsic Oneness. This revolution isn’t a future scenario. It’s a state of present awareness if we’re willing to be essential.




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