Create a visual perception of the way we’d like to help shape the world.

We face many challenges along the road of life to becoming conscious of our interconnections, but we also face many possibilities. This realization is nothing short of inspiring. Imagine working with others without fear and competition for a just and peaceful world. This is really what this invitation, and this platform, is all about.

How do we collectively see the world now?

An important part of this process is to understand how you, personally, and we, collectively, have allowed ourselves to become lost in a quagmire of problems and busyness.

What has to be changed?

Some people suggest there needs to be a transformation of consciousness. There is no need to transform consciousness. It’s already complete. Yes, we do need a psychological revolution to effect meaningful change, a psychological (r)evolution re-turns us to our essential nature, which causes our self-identity to diminish in importance. The real revolution of consciousness means accepting the wisdom that is innate to us, but often distorted and fragmented so we don’t see the whole picture.

If we could just get out of our own way and let go of our suffering this return to our fundamental nature could naturally occur. Then we would experience a spiritual revolution! There’s another way to approach the question of whether or not humanity as a whole can change, and that is not through a change of mind, but through personal and collective melting of the heart.

How do we do it?

Create and support a global community of conscious people. When we cast off the illusions of the ego and our attachment to its vehicles of expression, the beginnings of what we call the global community of the conscious WE emerges. Imagine if more of us existed in the field of spiritual awareness of our interconnection. Selflessness and heartfulness are at its core, and arise from our collective understanding of our essential nature — our Oneness, the spiritual fundament that is at the heart of all we are and do.

In the global community of the conscious WE, heartfulness is about helping others to become free of their bonds — especially their misery. In this field of caring, everyone is naturally included because “inclusion” is inherent in the experience of Oneness.

It is not enough simply to seize media time or public spaces; it’s not enough only to be against something. We also have to engage ourselves for positive, constructive and sustainable solutions. It’s easier to smash what we don’t like than to build the structures, attitudes and institutions that will support a positive future. We need to become builders and supporters of the conscious, global community of WE, and not just occupiers of outrage.




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