These pages explore how we can approach world-changing work in a new, more empowering way.

1. Present work:

We can all be part of the sensing that’s needed to create meaningful jobs at the lower end of the scale to provide work for the masses. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a billion people could be paid to restore lands, plant trees, transform landfills and build more sustainable infrastructures for our planet? Maybe you can be part of that practical scenario, or be on the forefront of developing different kinds of creative engagements that lift us above our current way of existing and into a new possibility of living completely. Each community could identify what kind of work Is needed and a pool of workers and volunteers could be arranged. We would suggest expanding social welfare into social service where everybody would have meaningful work to do, and only the severely limited of mind and body would receive money without work. Almost everybody can do something to help its society.

2. Future work:

We need to be part of a movement from jobs and work to livelihoods in the co-creation of the universe. These new vocations would focus on many levels on how to improve life quality for everyone. For example, we need “flow specialists” on how to help things move more quickly and efficiently with more consciousness and ease.

We also need “wholeness experts” that see how all things fit together and are able to troubleshoot problems of piecemeal approaches and products with little ecological awareness behind them. Research would help us identify other trends and needs for the future.

You are needed to add your vision to the future.




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